Principles of Effective Communication

Principles of Effective Communication:

Lets first understand what is an effective communication?

Effective Communication : 
The communication which gets desired/expected feedback/result is effective communication.

There are few principles which can make your communication effective:

1. Clarity
2. Correctness
3. Completeness
4. Conciseness (Short)
5. Coherence (Logical sequence)
6. Selection of proper Channel
7. Knowledge about the receiver
8. Courteous language (Polite)
9. Taking care of probable barriers
10. Feedback

1. Clarity : 
Sender should encode the message  clearly. The purpose of the message should be clear.

2. Correctness : 
The message should be correct it should not contain any incorrect or misguiding details.

3. Completeness: 
The message should be complete. It should answer all the questions of the receiver.

4. Conciseness (Short): 
The message should be short because long messages can create confusion in the minds of the receiver.

5. Coherence: 
The message should have logical sequence. It should give the clear picture to the receiver.

6. Selection of proper Channel: 
Channel should be selected according to the message, situation and receiver.

7. Knowledge about the receiver:
Sender should know receiver's age, interest, experience, intelligence & education. It helps sender to design the message.

8. Courteous language: 
Your language should be polite in any communication. It helps to build long term relationships.

9. Taking care of probable barriers: 
Sender & receiver should be aware of probable barriers in communication. They should plan their communication accordingly.

10. Feedback: 
Sender should ensure to get quick feedback for effective communication.

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