Aspects of Body Language

Aspects of Body Language:

                Body language is a part of Non-verbal communication we can communicate through our body language in various ways. There are few aspects of Body language with the help of these aspects we can convey various messages.

Aspects of Body Language are:
Facial Expression
Eye contact
Dress code & Appearance

Facial Expression
                It is said that ‘The face is the index of our mind.’ Because variety of emotions can be expressed through the facial expressions like anger, joy, sorrow, surprise, disappointment, pain, fear, sincerity, respect etc.
Facial expressions reflect true feeling of a speaker.
Facial expressions assist the speaker in oral communication.
Facial expressions make communication effective & easy.           

e.g. Smile conveys happiness,
Crying conveys sorrow,
Wide open mouth suggests surprise,

Eye Contact
            Eyes represent our inner state.’ Eyes reflect different emotions like excitement, anger, fear, sympathy, disgust etc. It’s very important aspect in face to face communication. There are different eye contacts like glance, stare, glare and squint.
                Absence of eye contact shows lack of interest or lack of confidence. Speaker should maintain a natural eye contact with audience; it helps to control the audience.
e.g. Squinting eyes suggests difficulty in sight,
A glare suggest anger,
Stare suggests interest.

                Vocalics refers to modulation of voice. A good voice with modulation conveys a variety of meanings. In vocalics, the speaker’s tone, volume, intonation of pronunciation and pause is observed as such aspects reflect the personality of the speaker.
                Moreover, we can get a lot of information about the speaker such as his mind set, education, social background etc from his voice.

                Gestures are the movements of hands, legs & head. Gestures can convey different messages. These are useful when speaker & receiver don’t know each other’s language. The apt use of gestures help receiver to understand the message properly. But the excessive use of gestures can divert the attention of a receiver.
Waving hand suggests bye,
Nodding head vertically suggests approval,
Nodding head horizontally suggests disapproval,
Thumbs up suggests wishing good luck,
Salute suggests respect or acknowledgement

                Posture means the way one stands, sits, walks & moves. Through Posture one can understand the attitude of a person. Postures play vital role in communication. Bad postures of a person can distract the audience. 
e.g.  Bow forward shows respect,
Standing straight shows confidence,

We can express grief through silence.

Dress code & Appearance
            Dress code is also a form of non verbal communication. It is very important follow dress code according to occasion. Dress reflects the personality of the person. Dress code in school or college is a mark of discipline. Sometimes it is a mark of unity.
e.g. For interview person should wear formal dress,
For parties & functions one should wear informal dress

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