The World Water Day 2022

THE WORLD WATER DAY on 22.03.2022 

This day is celebrated by UN and this year is THEME - Groundwater: making the invisible visible. 

The reason for choosing this theme is obvious.  Groundwater is an invisible treasure that is an integral part of our lives. This reservoir has made our life easier and richer. Due to the changing seasons and global warming, the importance of these reservoirs has increased dramatically today. It is the responsibility of all of us to take care of these reserves and to maintain or even increase the groundwater level. The groundwater available today is very important for maintaining ecological balance. But there is no awareness about it. Agriculture, factories and the entire ecosystem depend on this water supply.  

So we need to take proper care of these stocks so that the balance of the environment is maintained. For this we can implement concepts like magic pit, water cup and also what can we do to increase the ground water level for everyone? This needs to be seriously considered.

 Mr.  S.R.  Nadaf
 Sharad Polytechnic

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