This year Diploma is preferred by parents and students

This year, overall, students and parents seem to be giving preference to diploma engineering. The reasons for this could be the trend of students, opportunities in technical education, increased awareness of parents, Industrial developments across the country and especially the Post Pandemic Boom.
This year, the trend of students is towards technical education and as a result, students are giving priority to diploma engineering over other courses. According to a recent survey, the awareness of parents about technical education has been increased. This is due to various dissemination programs by the Board of Technical Education. At the same time, if we look back to the history, Many economists predict The Post Pandemic Boom is coming, hence huge opportunities will be available in the industrial sector in the coming years.
Given the current industrial scenario and technological growth, it is certain that students with a technical education will have huge opportunities in India and abroad.

Mr.  S.  R.  Nadaf

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