Information Technology (IT) Engineering - A great opportunity to become a software engineer

Most people have no idea what an IT branch is.  Most of the confusion is may be due to the IT name of this branch but most of them are also not aware that the two branches of computer engineering and information technology are parallel. Just like in computer you are taught software programming, scripting language, framework, operational administration etc. Exactly the same things are also taught in IT.  Campus Selection offers equal opportunities to both Computer and IT branches.  IT engineers can do jobs in big IT industries as well as start up software development.  In the changing technology, the demand for IT engineers is increasing.  From Flipkart to Amazon, from TCS to Wipro, all companies need good IT engineers.  Therefore, IT, i.e. Information Technology is a great option available to students and parents as a career.

 S. R. Nadaf
 Sharad Institute of Technology

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