The Era of Automation and Robotics ....

There is no doubt that the era to come next will be of automation and robotics. 
Radical changes are taking place in the way of the businesses are done. Now it can be said that that the success and future of the industry lies in automation and robotics.

In many industries we see traditional machines now being replaced by modern machines. For instance Power loom is replaced by Auto loom and Lathe machine is replaced by CNC machine.
Automation and robotics have infiltrated every sector, be it automobiles or electronics. There is a need for automation in every sector and as a result the demand for automation and robotics engineers is increasing.

Considering the supply and demand formula in economics, the demand for robotics engineers is increasing day by day. Therefore, huge opportunities have opened up in these areas in India and outside India. 

Knowing the need of the hour, the branch of Automation and Robotics has been launched at Sharad Polytechnic from 2021-22, And students should consider it for their careers.

S. R. Nadaf
Sharad Institute of Technology, Polytechnic

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